August 6 – Chapters 11, 12  The theology of the Cross and The expectation of the Lord’s return

To live in the belief in Jesus Christ, to live in truth and love, implies daily sacrifice, implies suffering. Christianity is not the easy road; it is, rather, a difficult climb,

The relationship among the present time, the time of the Church and of the Kingdom of Christ, and the future that lies in store for us,

September 3 – Chapters 13, 14  From works to faith  

Faith, if it is true, if it is real, becomes love, becomes charity, is expressed in charity. A faith without charity, without this fruit, would not be true faith.

October 1 – Chapter 15   Corinthians and Romans 

Examining original sin, good vs. evil, and one single loving God

November 5 – Chapters 16, 17 Sacraments and worship 

Being with Christ as true friends

December 3 – Chapters 18, 19  Colossians, Ephesians, Timothy and Titus

Recommendations to us as Christians and to our pastors as our leaders

January 7 – Chapter 20  St. Paul’s life and legacy

 A summary of Paul’s life, capped by the following remarkable message.