Elders/The Session


The Session consists of Teaching Elders (our pastors) and Ruling Elders drawn from our membership. The Book of Order calls upon the Session to provide for worship and encourage people to fully and regularly participate in worship. Members of the Session are elected for three year terms, typically with five new members added each year. We also elect a youth member for a one year term. We have regularly scheduled meetings on the fourth Monday of each month. Meetings are moderated by the Clerk of the Session.

The responsibilities of the Session include evangelism, mission and justice, worship, education, stewardship, finance, transformation, administration, relations with higher governing bodies (e.g., the Presbytery), and ecumenical relationships in the community.

Current Session Members 




Ross Bogue

Rich Barbour

Steve Alton

Gary Carder

Jodie Harmsen

Anna Armstrong

Debra Johnson

Gil Semmen

Bard Boand

Jill Minner

Bill Shaeffer

Mari Franklin

Chris Raaths

Al Zick

Robert Reilly


The Session is organized into committees:

  • Adult Ed: Jill Minner (L)

  • Children/Youth:  Jodie Harmsen (L) 

  • Communication/Outreach:  

  • Congregational Life (Clam): Carol Buchta (L)

  • Finance/Stewardship: Rich Barbour (L),  

  • Mission: Ross Bogue (L)

  • Personnel:  Robert Reilly

  • Trustees/Admin-Maint: Ron Furst (L)

  • Worship: Chris Raaths (L)

Recent Activity

The Session meets on the fourth Monday of the month. 

Update on Transitional Pastor Search