Our Memorial Garden

About our Garden

Over time, a little recognized custom evolved as survivors of deceased family members, with permission from the Session of our church, distributed the cremated remains of their loved ones on our church grounds, namely on the wooded hill south of the sanctuary. A committal service was provided when requested.

PCB Memorial GardenIn the fall of 2000 the Session, sensitive to the desires of our members, envisaged a new ministry to provide a dedicated memorial resting place open to Barrington Presbyterians for interment, meditation, prayer and solace. The Trustees undertook to plan and develop the facility we know as “The Memorial Garden.” In its serene, seasonally changing beauty the story of life, loss, and redemption is retold. Its inviting “rambling cross” walk, interspersed with dedicated laser bricks is softly illuminated from dusk to dawn for access after hours.

How may I contribute to this ministry?

PCB Memorial GardenThe expense of the Garden construction and the fund for its maintenance and development were derived from restricted gifts and memorials designated for the Garden. No portion of general Church funds derived from pledges was or will be used for these purposes.

The names of past and future donors of significant gifts and memorials by category are inscribed on a Contributors’ Plaque prominently displayed in the Church, but contributions in any amount are always welcome and needed. In addition, engraved dedicated walkway bricks are in place in the Garden. The bricks are available in two sizes and may be purchased for future installation.

The Memorial Garden receives an award

In 2004 the Council of Barrington Garden Clubs gave a special award to the Presbyterian Church of Barrington in recognition of the design and beauty of our Memorial Garden. The award was presented at a Council meeting at the Barrington Library.  Kris Howard Jensen, President of the church’s Board of Trustees, accepted the award.

Also present and recognized were Vern Soukup, who chaired the task force which initiated the creation of the Memorial Garden, and Carol Nelson, who gave a lead gift for its construction in memory of her late husband, Cliff.

In connection with the Memorial Garden, the Trustees also recognized the leadership, dedication and hard work devoted to its development by Steve Fish and Andy Harden.

For more information about The Memorial Garden, please call the Church office, 847-381-0975 or email us.

Bench Added to the Memorial Garden

A new bench has been placed in the Memorial Garden to honor Liz Brown, who passed away in 2017. Several of Liz’s friends joined to make this donation. “Barrington Presbyterian Church was special to Liz Brown, and Liz was special to us. We are so pleased to have a place in this lovely garden to remember Liz,” wrote the group comprised of Mary & Mike Parrish, Nancy & Rob Pierson, and Jodie & Scott Stephens. The Board of Trustees extends its thank you for the generosity of these three couples.