Adult Education

We are all ministers of our faith. Christ has entrusted us with the responsibility (stewardship) to practice Christianity now, here and everywhere. We can’t do this without a deep understanding of His teachings as they apply in our world, 2000 years later. As such, Christianity is an active, proactive, and growing faith.

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What is the Purpose of Adult Education?

There are three principles that guide our Adult Education programs that could help you become a better steward of the faith and grow in your own faith.

  • The core foundation of our beliefs begins with “smartly” reading the Bible. To read smartly and learn from the Bible, we have to read it in the context of the day 2000 years ago, and then interpret and apply what we read to our modern day.
  • Each of us needs to keep refreshing and growing in our faith. The alternative is slippage, complacency, and rigidity as we age and get more involved and distracted by our daily activities and responsibilities. While refreshment begins at each Sunday morning’s worship, we ask you to consider the extra motivation, stimulation, fellowship, and community that come from participating in one or more of our Adult Ed programs.
  • We can’t do this alone. We need our pastors and we need each other. Christian knowledge and growth requires a community that learns together. The strength of this community comes from listening to, talking with, and learning from others who are in different places in their faith journeys.


Adult Education Programs

  • Theology on Zoom is a weekly virtual discussion of a faith-based book every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. For details and a zoom link email:
  • Men’s weekly Bible Study on Fridays at 8:00 am via zoom. For details email:
  • GTIF (Growing Together in Faith) monthly women’s Bible study held the third Tuesday at 7:00 pm, via zoom. For details email:
  • Young Adult Discipleship discussion group meets monthly via zoom and occasionally in person. For details email: